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security Solutions

We provide a variety of tailor made security solutions.

VIP Protection & Escorting

We pride ourselves on our experience and specialist expertise in VIP protection services and the overall safety of our clients. 

Security Consultations

Through many years of experience and expertise we provide personalized security recommendations based on a clear comprehension of the client’s requirements and updated Risk, Threat and Vulnerability Assessment. 

Secure Drive

TNI Secure Drive is a comprehensive service that we offer to clients whose risk profiles may not particularly require a protective detail or agents, but who are nonetheless exposed to potential travel-related risks whether in familiar or unfamiliar countries or cities. 

Armed Guarding

We provide corporate guarding by highly trained law enforcement agents who are specifically trained and briefed for each assignment before deployment. 

Private, Corporate & Government Asset Protection

TNI specializes in providing a complete solution for the protection of all private, corporate and government assets.

Event Security Management

At TNI we understand that the key objective in managing a successful event is safety and security. Securing any event, large or small requires a tremendous amount of expertise and years of experience – which are both in abundance at TNI. 

Debt Collectors

We have experienced debt collectors who have worked within the financial services industry and will ensure the successful tracking of individuals who overdue bills and request payments. 

Truck Escorting

TNI has access to professional units who are specialists in the field of high-value asset protection. 

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